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Our 110% iron guarantee is that Proudsteps will help you create an inclusive environment where your child feels loved, valued, & respected for who they are!

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Dear parents , 


A parent of a child of autism is demanding yet rewarding. You are managing challenging behaviour with patience, flexibility, and lots of love. You often find yourself advocating for your child’s needs within various settings , including schools , healthcare settings, and community programs. A parent just wants their child to head toward independency and thankfully ABA therapy can help. 

ABA stands for “Applied Behavior Analysis” which is the science of learning and behavior. Autism is a disorder that affects millions of children worldwide. The objective of ABA is to enhance a child’s personable skills, interactions within their peer group, and their ability to socialize with different people. 

As professionals in the space, we support your child’s journey toward independence, life skills, and self advocacy - gradually increasing the child’s autonomy in age appropriate ways.  We first listen - truly listen - to the parents, who know their child best, and only after do we suggest a path. 


We look forward to helping support your child, while acknowledging progress, praising efforts, and finding joy in your child’s accomplishments! We will also match you with a therapist that will be most attuned to your family's specific needs !

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